tisdag 14 mars 2017

5sd064 Turning the power-ups into pickup-able items

Hello again, Thomas Härdin here turning back to the power-ups of our game. As I've written about before I had to decide on the functionality of this games power-ups which turned out to be some fairly easily manageable enhancements to the players projectiles when playing in the hacking mode. We did get three of them, a rapid fire function that activates when 8 enemies are killed, a wider shot that you get through pressing a button, same as the wide shot for our orb that obliterates all in its path.

So the whole reason i wrote this backstory is to get to the point in our project where we needed to make the later two power-ups available to the player. I decided that the easiest way to do it was to let the player have more to do when wandering around the office spaces as the spy character, we put out small but highlighted items on the floor that can be called pick-ups. They look just like the power-up you receive on a square plate and when you step on them you gain a charge of that power-up to use when hacking doors. We got there by first getting the art asset done which i took care of myself, I placed it out on multiple locations in the map and then had one of my programmers code the interaction we needed.

The result we have now as seen on the picture above is the power-ups in form as pickup-able objects around the map (highlighted with the red circles). These are visible as everything else in the players field of view and are placed in a manner to help the player where the player needs it most for example before harder levels and such.

I am very happy we got to this point although i would have wanted to get this done earlier in development because time for fixes was scarce after and since i did not have a balanced plan in case this would not work i am glad it did not turn to shit. In that case the game-play as the spy would have been a lot more lackluster than what it is which was one of our goals to prevent. The amount and locations of said pickups might be changed later but for now i am pleased with the result.

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  1. I apologize for the late publish, it seems like it did not actually go through when i made it earlier. But hey, it's up now.

  2. Hello Thomas!

    I want to start off by saying that I enjoyed reading your post. It was well structured and it was written in a style that made it easy to follow, such as leaving personal reflections until the end and describing your work process throughout the blog! Keep it up!
    Some areas that could use some slight improvement, however; at one point you mention: “same as the wide shot for our orb that obliterates all in its path” having not read your previous blogposts I don’t know what the orb does except for what you mention here. Also, in one sentence you write “They look just like the power-up you receive on a square plate…”, I’m not sure what you meant by this, at first glance I thought you were referring to a square plate that gives you a power-up but on second glance I understand it as the power-up is depicted on the square plate. This might need some rewording to be a bit clearer.

    Another thing that could have helped clarify the power-ups as pickups; would have been to show an image of the pickup, followed by an image of the corresponding power-up in the hacking mode.

    Good luck with finalizing the project!